Prayer Diary



I am the LORD your God,

I am holding your hand,

so don’t be afraid,

I am here to help you.

Isaiah 41:13


In you I hope all the day long

O my God, in you I trust.*


Please pray for the following


Mark to get a proper diagnosis on his health and thus get the correct treatment and he may continue to be guided by our loving Lord


Rachel that her health problem can be sorted out satisfactorily so she can enjoy life as she should at her age but rejoice she has been offered a place at College


Caroline and Ben as they support Mark and Rachel


The distribution of the Covid vaccine to

continue to be administered as quickly as possible,  so that we may look forward to normality


People to be patient just a little longer so that we really can enjoy a summer of fun and socialising


The production of the vaccines can continue to be manufactured efficiently so that we may share any spare capacity with the poorer regions of the world



You are the God of my salvation,

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul*



To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul;

O my God, in you I trust.*


The NHS staff that the Lord will continue to uphold them and give them the strength and mental agility to do their tasks well


Many in our church family who are experiencing different difficulties at the moment


Those suffering from the virus and those who have recovered but have lingering symptoms


Continued compassion of all who work with others who are suffering due to health problems, anxiety or lonliness


Boris Johnson and the Government, that they will be guided by the Lord as they make vital and difficult decisions on our behalf


Young people and children as they struggle with restrictions, especially social interaction and that the return to learning will not be interrupted again


People who are working from home and also missing out on interaction at their usual place of work


Those who are in Care Homes, and their staff, that the residents will be cheered by being able to see a member of their family or a friend on a regular basis


The USA as their new President puts his policies into practice and their death rate will fall dramatically


Any difficulties with our trading with the EU will be sorted out so that businesses can export and import smoothly


Both Houses of Parliament that they will seek to pass just laws and for godly men and women to be are raised up at all levels of Government


The Queen and the Royal Family as do their best to carry on serving the country despite the difficulties they are encountering at this time


Those struggling with mental health issues that Jesus will reveal Himself to them and they will know His presence with them


That as we learn during this period of Lent about different aspects of Care that we may grow in faith and put into practice things which we have learnt


O God, You are my God; I shall

seek You earnestly; my soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, in a dry and weary land where there is no water

Psalm 63:1


The Lord to continue to water the roots of kindness within us and for those who use social media to express critical comments, without knowing all the details, to change their ways and for them to be unable to do so in future anonimously


Our Church to be able to open in the near future and that we may attract people into our midst and make them feel at home and comfortable in our presence


Our Archbishops and Bishops that they will

be positive and strong in  the way they  lead and guide the Church and Country


The Pastoral Care team and others who keep in touch with those living on their own or suffering illness or bereavement


Our Missionary partners that the Lord will continue to lead them at this difficult time


Those who suffer from mental health problems and anxiety that they will be able to get the help they so desperately need and also the support of family and friends


Ourselves asking that the Lord and the Holy Spirit will do a sovereign work of grace within us all



Remember, Lord, your compassion and love, for they are from everlasting

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul

O my God, in you I trust.

*From Psalm 25


Those who write Bible notes and other literature to enable us to grow in faith and understand more of what the Bible says to us today


The hospitality industry and the entertainment industry which are suffering  so much and that many will be able to hang on until they are able to reopens their doors


The media that they will be fairer with their reporting and respect those they are interviewing, giving them time to reply without interrupting so much


People to remain vigilant as we slowly come out of lockdown



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