Prayer Diary


For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love of

self-discipline. 2 Tim 1:7


Lord, when I’m tempted to give up and turn away just let me see you on the road ahead of me. (Eddie Askew)

Thank the Lord for and continue to pray for


Mark that he will be able to enjoy better health and not suffer so much


Caroline, Rachael and Ben that the Lord will continue to uphold them as they support Mark and receive all help they require as well


Duncan who continues to quietly work hard on our behalf in so many different ways which is much appreciated


Zoom services and services in church which enable us to worship God together and for sermons which enlighten us


For the new PCC which makes important decisions on our behalf and pray for someone to step forward to be a Church Warden alongside Jim


Scientists working very hard to create a reliable Covid test and vaccine by the end of the year


Everyone who works in the medical profession with the extra patients at this time of the year that the Lord will give them the energy and health to keep going


The fact that the percentage of people surviving the virus is very high indeed



The Pastoral Team who quietly keep in touch with so many of our congregations giving them hope and comfort


Bishop Peter, that the treatment he has received will give him a better quality of life



When you have a problem do you go to God first or last?



Pray for


Those who mourn for those who have died that the Lord will comfort them and that people will be enabled to visit those who are nearing the end of their lives


Those who go the extra mile to care for friends and family


The many people who have lost their jobs recently and for those worried about losing their jobs just before Christmas


The Government, that they will be guided by the Lord as they continue to make vital decisions on our behalf


Agreement between the Government and the devolved Administrations so they can work together and not cause confusion


Our relationship with the EU will be positive so that we can trade together at the end of the year


More good Trade Agreements to be agreed with other countries in the world


All children at school or University that they may be able to continue their studies without further disruption


Those worried about their personal finances that they will be able to get the support they need and not suffer from depression



"What wings are to a bird and sails to a ship, so is prayer to the soul".

Corrie ten Boom



The Veterans who may be disappointed in being unable to march in Whitehall for Remembrance Day and for us all to acknowledge the sacrifice of many by clapping on our doorsteps


Our Missionary partners that the Lord will continue to lead them at this difficult time wherever in the world they are working for the Lord. May they know the Lord’s leading each and every day


Our Home groups who are doing their best to continue with the help of Zoom and especially for the leaders who make it happen


Mark as he continues to teach and share on Monday mornings with “Madeley’s Meat”


The Queen and all the Royal family


Social media, which seems to sometimes spread untrue or exaggerated “news” which can cause fear and alarm, especially for the vulnerable

Ourselves that we might trust God more and realise that those we meet may have different opinions but are still made in the image of God

The Advent story
of hope and mystery,
a kingdom
of this world and the next,
and a king
appearing when we least expect.
Heaven touching earth,
the footsteps of the divine
walking dusty roads
as once they did in Eden,
and a people,
searching for a Saviour,
and walking past
the stable.
Open eyes and hearts,
that this might be
an Advent of hope to the world..


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