Prayer Diary

  February and March


2020 Parish Prayer


Father God,

Help us to keep Scripture central to our lives,

to witness to Jesus whenever we can,

and to rely more and more on your Spirit. Amen

Please use this diary to aid your daily prayers



Wed 26th pray for the service at St B’s this morning and for the residents in the locality that they will be drawn to join in on Wednesdays


Thurs 27th pray for the Clark family in Portugal that they may continue their busy life ministering to many students and that God will bless all the family


Fri 28th pray for Andy and Chris that the Lord will bless them and that they will find the ministry God intends them to follow


Sat 29th pray for lasting peace in our troubled world and for all national leaders that they may have the wisdom and courage to lead their people in peace and hope


Sunday 1st pray for this season of Lent that it may be a time of reflection and preparation in our spiritual lives and for the services this morning


Monday 2nd pray for those attending Lunch Break at St B’s for food and fellowship and for Pauline and her team who put in so much effort on behalf of others


Tuesday 3rd pray for the charities we support - “V”, Tear Fund, Crosslinks and CMS and for Duncan as he works in the Parish Office on our behalf on Wednesdays and Thursdays


Wednesday 4th pray for the service at St. B’s this morning, give thanks for the worship and

fellowship there each week


Thursday 5th pray for Mark that he may have improved health and that the Lord will continue to guide him in his ministry to us; also pray that the Lord will bless Caroline, Rachel and Ben


Friday 6th World Day of Prayer pray for our world that all people may be able to get clean water, sanitation and food and for places of conflict that somehow peace may be gained


Saturday 7th pray for our Bishops, Diocesan Officers and Synod members attending the Diocesan Synod meeting today as they discuss Christians against Poverty, living well, climate change and building maintenance


Sunday 8th pray for this morning’s services and for Jeshua’s Crew that this group will grow, have sufficient leaders and be able to meet on more Sundays


Monday 9th pray that the Lord will bless all who attend Women’s Fellowship and for Phil Williams who will be speaking about “From Transport Director to Surfing Missionary”


Tuesday 10th pray for ‘Closer to God’ meeting today and tomorrow when Mark will be speaking about Jesus and Bread of Life and how to deal with religiosity


Wednesday 11th pray for the service at St. B’s this morning and the Lent Group meeting this evening at St Nic’s


Thursday 12th pray whether you should be added to the Electoral Roll which enables us to have an accurate Roll and also enables members on the Roll to vote at the APCM


Friday 13th pray for our Government that the Lord will lead their decision making and especially their negotiations with the EU that an agreement can be reached which will suit all parties


Saturday 14th pray for all who have been affected by the bad weather and especially for those who have had their homes or businesses ruined by the recent floods


Sunday 15th pray for this morning’s services that the Lord will bless our time together and our fellowship


Monday 16th pray for our NHS which is always busy that you will give all staff the strength they need and that people will not go to A&E unless it is necessary


Tuesday 17th pray for Mark who leads the Closer to God meetings so well and for today and tomorrow when the topic is Jesus and the woman caught in adultery


Wednesday 18th pray for the service at St. B’s; pray for our Church Wardens, the PCC and our Deanery Synod representatives and for all work they do on behalf of us all


Thursday 19th pray whether you or someone you know should stand for the PCC at the Annual Meeting and also for someone to become a Churchwarden alongside Jim


Friday 20th pray for our locality and especially for Somewhere to Go who provide much for those who are in real need and also for those who run the Food Bank


Saturday 21st pray for Street Pastors as they work on the streets late at night and into the early hours of the morning that the Lord will direct them to help those in need


Sunday 22nd Mothering Sunday pray and give thanks for our Mothers whether or not they are with us still and for the Mother Church that it will be respected and guide us well


Monday 23rd pray for the ladies meeting at Women’s Fellowship, for Chris Gadd speaking about “My Christian Testimony” and for those who arrange the speakers and assist in any way


Tuesday 24th pray for Closer to God meeting today and tomorrow when the subject is Jesus and the Blind Man which will help us to deal with our perception of others


Wednesday 25th pray for the congregation worshiping at St B’s this morning


Thursday 26th pray for our Government as they continue negotiations with the EU that both sides may come together to agree the best trade agreement possible in the circumstances


Friday 27th pray for the Queen. Prince Charles and Camilla and Prince William and Kate as they  take on more responsibility in representing us in this Country and throughout the world


Saturday 28th pray that the Holy Spirit will touch all our members afresh and that we will be emboldened to share our faith with others


Sunday 29th Passion Sunday pray for ‘Breakfast in the Nave’ that it will again attract new people into our midst and that we can show friendship and generosity to them


Monday 30th pray for those who are unwell and especially for those of our members who are unable to attend services that you will bless them at home, in hospital or in the hospice


Tuesday 31st pray for the penultimate meetings of Closer to God when we will learn about Jesus and Thomas and how to deal with doubt



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