Core Values

Worship, Welcome & Community

We adhere to certain values based on New Wine Ministries and adapted to our local needs:

We believe that the life of the Church should encompass these values where they draw us closer to God and towards our main aims and goals.

  • We desire a Local Church Life that is welcoming, based on relationships, accessible for all generations, and builds community and family life

  • We take part in Intimate Worship that is accessible passionate, joyful, inspiring, culturally appropriate and helps us encounter God

  • We want to be lead by Anointed Leadership that is visionary, courageous, humble, consistent, full of faith, and releases church members into their God-given ministries

  • We hold to the vision that Strategic Mission should be holistic, inspired and empowered by the Spirit, concerned with justice and a care for the poor, which encourages new church planting initiatives

  • The teaching and work of the person Jesus Christ is the basis for Our Theology;with doctrine and morality founded on the Bible

  • We involve ourselves in Teaching which is Bible-based and training that is interesting, thoughtful, and equipping for everyday life and ministry

  • We are working to provide Committed Discipleship that models Christian love, prayerfulness, holiness, integrity, accountability, humility and generosity, and enables us to serve like Jesus

  • We express ourselves through Every member ministry that is gift-orientated, life transforming and expresses God’s love and power.

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