Our core beliefs

We believe that

  • God loves us unconditionally

  • God is personal and knowable

  • Scripture is the Word of God and as such should govern our lives

  • God has left his Holy Spirit in the world to be here for us individually


  • Jesus is the Son of God who died for us


  • We all do things that upset God (called sin).  We need to say sorry to God and accept that Jesus is our Saviour.  From that very moment we become God’s children, which is the biggest privilege ever.


The above is a very brief introduction to our core beliefs.  For more information, please:

call Revd Mark Madeley on 01934 620156 if you like talking

or email mark@mibtravel.co.uk  if you prefer writing.

We are always here for you, whether you are a regular member or not.  You can send us your prayer requests at any time.

Core Values

Worship, Welcome & Community

We adhere to certain values based on New Wine Ministries and adapted to our local needs:

We believe that the life of the Church should encompass these values where they draw us closer to God and towards our main aims and goals.

  • We desire a Local Church Life that is welcoming, based on relationships, accessible for all generations, and builds community and family life

  • We take part in Intimate Worship that is accessible passionate, joyful, inspiring, culturally appropriate and helps us encounter God

  • We want to be lead by Anointed Leadership that is visionary, courageous, humble, consistent, full of faith, and releases church members into their God-given ministries

  • We hold to the vision that Strategic Mission should be holistic, inspired and empowered by the Spirit, concerned with justice and a care for the poor, which encourages new church planting initiatives

  • The teaching and work of the person Jesus Christ is the basis for Our Theology;with doctrine and morality founded on the Bible

  • We involve ourselves in Teaching which is Bible-based and training that is interesting, thoughtful, and equipping for everyday life and ministry

  • We are working to provide Committed Discipleship that models Christian love, prayerfulness, holiness, integrity, accountability, humility and generosity, and enables us to serve like Jesus

  • We express ourselves through Every member ministry that is gift-orientated, life transforming and expresses God’s love and power.