Coronavirus proves there is no God!


Some people believe this statement to be true, but then every time there is a big disaster or world problem, the same thing is said, “It proves there is no God”. 

Even seasoned believers sometimes wonder if God has disappeared, but most believers actually find God in the tragedy, not removed from it.  They have been able to pray and receive comfort and help from God.  They have seen God in those who have brought that comfort and assistance.  God’s presence in their disaster has proved His existence.

Historically God has never been a stranger to trouble.  His Son, the Lord Jesus, was born into a world of trouble, born into a land that was occupied by the Romans, an enemy force;  born into a world where there was much poverty, disease and  no  human  rights whatsoever; born into a filthy stable as there was no room at the inn.  I could go on, but the point is God has never avoided a crisis.

As Jesus grew up the world was still as bad, so bad in fact that it led to the crucifixion of Jesus.  Some people taunted him  on  the  cross saying that a real God would save his Son and claiming that because Jesus died, there was no God.  However, they failed to see the fact that God Himself was on the cross; they failed to see that God was saving the world, that he was bringing together God and humanity.  Millions have seen God present in suffering since.

We are all sick of Coronavirus.  We see it in every newspaper every news channel, every facemask, every ‘Keep 2m apart’ sign.  It seems to haunt us everywhere we turn.  Some have now lost hope, but do not lose God.  He is there, in the midst of this, wanting to help us, and the birth and death of His Son in a troubled world proves He cares.

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