Closer To God

   Does God Care?

This year’s Closer To God series will be by zoom at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning starting Tuesday 16th February (the day before Ash Wednesday).  It will be recorded and uploaded to Facebook if you cannot watch it at the time.

The theme ‘Does God Care?’ is designed around the difficulties many are going through at the moment and is meant to be a little bit provocative!  It will enable us to know how the Lord is helping us and in turn we can then use the help we receive in the support of others.

The link will come out each week with the Sunday service link, or you can go to and click


‘Join A Meeting’ and enter Meeting ID 898 4222 0364, Passcode 154624.

I will be seeking help from many Bible passages and will put those on the screen as we talk.

16th February              Does God care about the world?


23rd February              Does God care about me?

2nd March                    Does God care about illness?

9th March                    Does God care about my loneliness and isolation?



16th March                  Does God care about feeling low and even depression?

23rd March                  Does God care that churches are closed?

30th March                  Does God care about my relationship with Him?




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